Three A Light by Joshua Haupt


Change the way you think about marijuana. Three A Light opens up a new world of gardening possibility and innovation for passionate and curious gardeners. In this lavishly illustrated volume, we cover the nine vital components to achieving your highest average yield per light. Followed by a step-by-step guide from seed to finished flower. This IS the book you have been waiting for!  Providing a simple approach to a very thorough and extensive process.

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  1. This is the best book out on Cannabis cultivation! It answered many questions of mine and left no stone unturned in the 9 vital components and step by step section. Worth every penny!

  2. What Josh has done here is nothing short of amazing. He has taken relatively complex subject material and distilled it down to it’s essence of what is important. That is how to grow as much quality medicine as we can. I have been involved in this industry for close to a decade now and growing my own medicine for about 5 years. When I looked back at my best yields, all the important facets of this book were followed. If you are looking for an ‘Apple’ esque approach to growing in which you will receive the best ROI for your time and money spent – please order Josh’s book. I have a much more formal and in depth review located on my website Where I cover all the other grow books I have read over the years and why this is better. Scroll further down the page and you can see a 20 minute video review of this product and why I believe it is one of the most important books of our generation for medical patients.

    Please see:

    Peace and love all and thanks again Josh for your time, effort and dedication to this craft to help shorten everyone’s learning curve. Whether someone is just starting out – or has been in the biz their whole life 🙂

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