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  1. Just like josh, I was one of the lucky few growers that had an expert teachers help. My expert was no where near as efficient as Josh or his methods.
    I got a hold of a good recipe that yielded we and used the leaf plucking technique.
    I had been trying to research how I can yield more when I stumbled on this site and book.
    I saw the 2 minute time lapse video and I was sold. I checked it out a little and noticed it also used the leaf plucking method but with a cool name.
    I’ve since tried his techniques by the book and I’ve been growing the healthiest crops yet. It teaches you how to simply use effective high yielding techniques.
    In my honest opinion, the $500 price tag is cheap compared to the actual knowledge you learn. $500 to be double or triple more efficient per yield makes a lot of sense in a business perspective.

  2. This book is a refreshing alternative to other cannabis literature out there. The price tag is minimal considering the years it required to perfect these techniques and what can potentially increase your yield by 300%. It’s a straight forward how-to model. Forget the science and the infinite options that horticulture provides and follow this recipe for success.
    Equally worth the 500.00 is the availability of the team at Three A Light. They are very willing to help and answer questions. You’re getting the key to the castle for 500 clams. This being said, the book doesn’t address the issues of pests and diseases. If you’re already growing, however, chances are you have Jorge’s bible under your pillow. Add ‘three a light’ to your arsenal.

  3. I purchased the book in Dec. and have since been dialing things in using the methods and procedures taught in “Three A Light”. Things have become simplified for me using the system and I am already seeing great results. Josh has been available for any questions that I have had which seems pretty amazing to me seeing how busy he is. I am grateful to my wife who as a PHD has purchased hundreds of books totaling thousands of dollars, for simply stating ” it is a small investment in your future, go for it”.


  4. Not as cheap as most of the others out there… but of all the books I’ve purchased, none shared so many growing secrets and proven methods… none were willing to walk me thru the jungle, day by day, holding my hand… and literally, there for u on his phone… most nute companies offer this service… but NEVER the man himself… I was good with my outcomes, but knew someone out there was gonna help me get better… Shit… what I know now!! what I DO now!!! The past was a loss!!! I am a Canadian, that book cost me $729.00… what I wooda given for that book 15 years ago… and let’s be real serious… most secrets are sold uh?? And what is a tuition at oaksterdamn??? Hahahaha. Thank u Josh…

  5. Even if this book was $1000 it was the best investment I have ever made in my growing career. The techniques used are unlike any others and that is where the secret to the success lies. It is a much easier grow style than any other style I have attempted and after my very first grow after receiving this book I went from an average of 8-10 pounds off 8 one thousand watt lights to 19! Now I’m ready to blow right passed that 24 pound mark from an 8 light room. Worth every penny and the guys and girls that stand behind this are the most helpful polite people. Don’t knock it till you try it and remember the yields that you get after using this book will pay for the cost of the book 20 times over so don’t hesitate on the seriously small fee for the payoff. Highly recommended, pun intended!

  6. This book is worth many times the cover price, and it is by far the best investment I’ve ever made. The very fact that someone with this level of expertise was willing to reveal his methods is astounding in and of itself. If you’ve been in this world long enough, you know what I mean.

    And it came along at a critical time in my life, just as I was planning to build two new rooms. Over the last 10+ years, I had come to the conclusion that I could either get good yields, or grow high quality product. Every strain I had ever grown that yielded well was of mediocre quality, so with that choice in mind, I resigned myself to high quality, with average yields. This book changed has changed that forever.

    Now I’m getting great yields – not just good – of the highest quality. Josh and company have made it look deceptively simple, but don’t be fooled: Like it says at the very beginning of the book, There is No Substitute for Hard Work. Achieving both high yields and quality requires long hours and attention to detail. There are no short cuts.

    Oh, and if you read any bad reviews out there on the interwebs by people claiming that this is a rip-off, or should be marketed only to beginners, or that there is nothing new in this book, you can be certain that they did not actually grow with this method. There is something in this book for everyone. I can’t thank you all enough for publishing this!

  7. This book has revolutionized and changed my growing techniques! I have been growing off and on for the last 10 years, taking advice from numerous cultivators I have met along the way. Despite many similarities, this book has helped me double my yields and perfect my methods in ways I didn’t believe possible.
    I bought this book in November of 2015 with hesitation of price; however, my last 3 harvests have shown results. This book has helped my small garden of only 16 lights, 40 plants, reach final numbers exceeding 50lbs/harvest! I find the 9 vital components, nutrient line, as well as the feeding schedule extremely beneficial in the overall process.
    I have recommended this book and these methods to several other growers with confidence. All have been extremely satisfied and agree it was a great investment when it came to overall yields.
    I strongly suggest using these methods to perfect your growing techniques.

  8. Well what can I say?. Hands down the best grow book of all time. I recommend it to anyone
    Who Is looking to grow the right way and looking for a step by step way from start to finish.
    Josh has published an amazing book.! Grab the book when you can the price is not bad at all
    Think about how much money you lose by not buying this book THREEALIGHT IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO !!
    Thank you josh and your team for giving us the secret to growing the correct way just like you..👌

  9. Been growing for nearly 10 years and literly first harvest after following the Three A Light way, honestly doubled what I had produced for years. Clear, simple, step by step on how to grow properly. Well worth the price, you will pay it off in first round of use. Highly recommended

  10. This book is hands down the best!! Everything from start to finish is in this book. After I started implementing these methods I have doubled my yields. Not only that but my girls look better than they ever have. I would recommend this book to the novice l, the experts and everyone in between.

  11. Since I began growing I have constantly tried to progress in every way possible. It is very apparent that these results have been achieved with nothing but r&d as well as trial and error. I have been using the techniques from the book for my last two harvests and I have seen a night and day difference in my yields and over all health of my plants. Thanks for eliminating years of trial and error for me and allowing me to successfully out grow any of my elders haha

  12. Just got the book and already learned some interesting new facts. Everything is made simple and easy to understand. The rest of understanding why is on your common sense. Expecting the best out of this round. They also help me out with my start up which is more than I could ask from anybody, which I greatly appreciate.

  13. Three a light is an incredible book for growers to improve their yield, it breaks down the different aspects in indoor growing very simply. The best part is that they continue to help me throughout the grow. They respond to my emails with questions in detail and very fast. When problems occur it can be hard to fix especially if you have to look it up, it feels good to have world class growers on a conference call with me telling me ways to improve my garden. The price you pay not only gets you the book, but first class customer service and world class growers assisting you.

  14. “Lamar from Canada”
    I’ve been growing for less than a year, and I searched the internet daily to learn as much as I could about growing. I stumbled across this book and thought I’d take a chance on it. I’ve only had one crop so far that I’ve done everything in the book step by step and my yields were huge right away. I had spidermites all through flowering right to the end, and my heat pump couldn’t cool my room properly with the high temperatures outside. My temperatures got as high as 89 degrees when my lights were on. The book calls for a lower temperature. Even despite all the issues I had with this last crop I still yielded over 2 and a half pounds per light. I use single ended hps bulbs in cool tube shades which take away lumens, because of the glass. I am super happy with this book and all the support on the phone I’ve received. Well worth the $500 guys!

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