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“Thanks to Haupt’s Three a Light method, this garden is a huge flock to tend. But three pounds of pot per light is definitely a holy trinity to believe in.”  

– HighTimes Magazine

 “Three a Light” The best cannabis cultivation book ever written.

-The Green Diet

The definitive book for the indoor cannabis cultivator; no other book can provide such extensive information in an easy to understand step-by-step guide like “Three A Light.”


“Three A Light,” shares the methods that make his growrooms some of the most productive in the world.

– The Northwest Leaf

More than just a book, “Three A Light” is a leather bound business model  

–Huffington Post

“Three a Light delivers power and authority to both inexperienced and experienced growers alike.”

– CannaBiz Journal

The average indoor cannabis garden produces 1 pound per 1000 watt light. Learn how you can be above the average and produce 3 pounds per light!

Three A Light offers a thorough review of the marijuana growing process from seed to flower.

The Only Book You Need.™



How to germinate and care for your seedlings.


When, Why, and How to execute the final transplant.


How to take clones with a high success ratio.


When, Why, Where and How to execute a proper veg. prune on your plants.


How to transplant  your clones into their new environment as smoothly as possible.


When are my plants ready to move from the Vegetative stage to the Flower stage? You will see why patience is the key.


Hands down, this is the most innovative part of our method. The “When”, the “Why” and the “How to” behind our schwazzing process.


How to properly support your flowers when they need it the most.


“How to” identify when the plants are ready for harvest and the how to behind the trimming process.


The final step. Be sure to not mess it up! Patience is key!

9 Vital Components


How does Humidity affect my yields?  What Humidity levels are preferred where and when throughout the entire process?


What Temperatures are preferred where & when throughout the entire process?

How Does temperature affect my yields?


How does your plants Genetic make up affect your yields?


Is CO2 really that important? What CO2 levels are desired throughout the entire process?


The design of your grow room is equally important as the care you provide for your plants. Do it once. Do it right.


The list… Everything you will need from start to finish.


How does this action affect my yields? What Manicuring and Pruning methods are preferred where and when throughout the entire process.


The recipe… What to feed your plants and when to feed them from start to finish

Three A Light ®

Tomorrows innovations for the indoor cannabis cultivator

Change the way you think about growing marijuana indoors. Three A Light opens up a new world of gardening possibility and innovation for passionate and curious gardeners. In this lavishly illustrated how to grow cannabis book, we cover the nine vital components of growing marijuana indoors in order to achieve your highest average yield per light.

As you know, there are some key differences between growing cannabis indoors and outdoors. While outdoor crops can yield more, the quality of indoor cannabis cannot be matched. With our how to grow cannabis book, you will learn the secrets of getting the greatest yield without sacrificing one bit of quality. We have also included a step-by-step marijuana growing guide from seed to finished flower. This IS the cannabis grow book you have been waiting for. It provides a simple approach to a very painstaking and complex process.

We know that there are countless how to grow marijuana books available, but none of them can provide the extensive information you will get from Three A Light. We offer the only marijuana grow book that includes thorough and clear step-by-step instructions.

Happy Growing and much love for all the support!